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National Association of Italian Municipalities
With a century of achievements, and a membership which includes almost every municipality in Italy, representing over 90% of the population, the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) is deeply rooted in the social, geographic and cultural fabric of Italy.

The fundamental aim of ANCI's activities is to represent and safeguard the municipalities' interests, lobbying parliament, the government, regions, and Italian public administration and EU bodies. Specifically, ANCI:
  • participates, through its own representatives, in every institutional office where decisions concerning the interests of local authorities are taken
  • provides consultancy to municipalities, directly or through agreements or conventions
  • participates, as an employer, in the Italian Agency for Contractual Representation in the Public Sector (ARAN) in relation to the national labour contract for public employees
  • promotes studies and research on issues that affect municipalities and metropolitan cities, steering its own capacity to anticipate trends, changes and new critical situations in the public sector
  • facilitates initiatives to disseminate knowledge of institutions, to improve civic education and to encourage the participation of citizens in municipal life
  • encourages and co-ordinates the activities of ANCI members in the fields of international relations and co-operation.
  • Every year, the General Assembly of the Members, in which all affiliated Municipalities take part, sets out the political directives and the programme of general activities, and also votes on any motion to modify the Statute of the association.
  • Every five years, in the six months after the Italian local elections, the General Assembly is convened as Congressional Assembly to elect the President and the National Council of ANCI.
  • The President is the legal representative at all times and under all circumstances.
  • The National Council debates and proposes motions, elects the Executive Committee and the Board of Auditors, appoints the Secretary General, defines the programme of activities for the year, approves the budget, convenes the General Assembly of Members and the Congressional Assembly.
  • The Executive Committee carries out ordinary administration.
  • The Secretary General supervises the running of the association and keeps track of the decisions taken by the association's bodies.
ANCI was set up in 1901 and its defining characteristics are set out in its statute:
  • responsibility towards the communities administered
  • autonomy from governments and political parties
  • unity for the protection and development of municipal communities
  • solidarity between institutions regardless of any political, geographical or numerical distinction.

The written rules of ANCI and its day-to-day activities reflect these principles.

With the arrival of fascism, the authoritarian concept of the state did not tolerate the principles of freedom, autonomy and participation espoused by ANCI. The replacement of the freely elected mayors first with fascist commissaries and, later with Podestas, was the beginning of a process that culminated in the dissolution of the Association. Reuniting at the Campidoglio in Rome in September 1946, the mayors, together and united, reconstituted the National Association of Italian Municipalities. There has been no democratic achievement in Italy to which ANCI has not contributed. There has been no national tragedy to which ANCI has not responded. During the difficult times of political struggle in the last century, ANCI's management—regardless of their generation or political colour—made the four inherited principles of responsibility, autonomy, unity and solidarity their watchwords. In 2004 ANCI received a gold medal for civil merit from the Italian President, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

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